Huichol Mask

Huichol Mask

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  • Huichol Mask made by Señor Cristobal Bautista from the state of Jalisco, Mexico. 


    El Señor Cristobal has been making chaquiradocrafts since he was 7, a tradition that has been passed from generations and is the most recognized representation of Huichol culture.


    Chaquirado is achieved by painstakingly, placing tiny colorful beads into natural beeswax spread over a paper mache wolf mask.


    Meaning of symbols:

    Wolf: Wisdom

    Flowers found on Peyote Cactus, which is used for religious ceremonies

    Candle: Offerings to the god

    Iguana: Eyes of the spirits

    Deer: Messenger of God



    Approximate Measurements:

    10.20" Long

    7"  Wide


    As with any handmade item, it might have slight inconsistencies which adds to their charm and makes every item special.